Signature Massage This massage uses hot stones on the pressures combined with
stretching and a blend of personalized essential oils. 60 min. $90.00

Stress Relief Massage Gentle pressure and relaxing body movements to ease the mind
and calm the body. 30min. $40.00   60min. $65.00  90min. $95.00

Combo (Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage)
Enjoy a Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage all in one. This one hour massage will give
you the experience of a relaxation massage and also work on those troubled areas. $75

Combo Facial and Relaxation Massage
Experience a 30 minute personalized facial and 1 hour relaxation massage all in one. 90
minutes total experience $95

Therapeutic Massage
For the active lifestyle, uses deeper pressure to muscles, attention to sore areas with
facilitated stretching coupled with special creams and oils. 30min. $55.00  60min $85.00

Hot Stone
De-stress with the warming effects of hot stones and gentle massage techniques to help
restore muscles, leaving you warmed and relaxed. 60 min. $85.00

Massage for Two
Enjoy 60 minutes of quiet time with someone you care about.
Stress Relief $130.00
Therapeutic $170.00