Combo Facial and Massage:
Experience a 30 minute personalized facial and 1 hour relaxation massage all in one. 90 minutes total experience  $95

Signature Oxygen Facial:
An oxygen repair treatment that promotes healing and protects all skin types. A topical oxygen system beneficial for acne,
rosacea, telangietasia (broken capillaries) and hyper pigmentation. 60 min $125.00

Enzyme Facial:
A deep pore cleansing facial with enzymes that are necessary for life and every cell process in the body. The action of the
enzyme dissolves different forms of cellular debris and protein build-up, leaving the skin soft and refined .60 min. $80.00

Signature Aveda Facial:
The Signature Avedda Facial is designed for total relaxation and skin rejuvenation. The use of essential oils, masques will
leave your skin feeling balanced and refreshed! Hand and arm massage are also included. 60 min. $80

Essential Aveda Facial:
The Essential Aveda Facial includes cleansing and masque application customized to your elemental nature, along with a
relaxing hand and arm massage. 30 min. $50

Facial Massage:
Relaxing massage and nourishing mask with multi-benefits including turnover . The result is radiant skin. Can be designed to
suit your turnover . The result is radiant skin. Can be designed to suit your individual skin type. 30 Min. $50.00

Marine Collagen Hydrating Facial:
Tightens, hydrates, improves skin texture. One of the most effective topical applications available on the market today.
60min $60.00

Back Cleansing Facial:
Truly a facial for the back that includes massage, exfoliating back scrub, a stimulating back brush and deep pore cleansing
followed by a soothing antibacterial mask. Perfect for teens, sports enthusiasts or anyone with problem skin on their back.

Derma Frost Peel:
A salicylic acid peel available at a strength of 12.5% and a pH of 2.9. It is lipid soluble and considered keratolytic and
antimicrobial. Does not alter the skin barrier functions. Helps repair sun damaged skin, wrinkling, acne,
pigmentation, and rough, calloused skin.
30 min. $60.00

The Ten Minute Tone and Lift:
Eye treatment with Vitamin C infused to fight free radicals. Skin is plumped and its texture is softened. $15.00

Kid's Mini Facial: $30.00